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Where I Belong .2020 Heimtextil

Where I Belong .2020 Heimtextil

  • Heimtextil in Frankfurt is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles. The show is a worldwide leader of innovative functionality. With its new products and trends, it always leads the upcoming season and gives important ideas to both exhibiting companies and professional visitors from all over the world.

  • From 7 to 10 January 2020, during this show time, around 63,000 trade visitors from different countries came to visit for home and contract textiles, and included 2918 exhibitors who brought their creative and appealing designs.

  • Nowadays, from adjustable furniture solutions to customized fabric services, everyone is trying to be their own self. Every other aspect of our lives is also customized to meet our needs. With this in mind, “Where I Belong” became the theme of 2020 Heimtextil, which comprised a series of new design trends, including Maximum Glam, Urban Active, Pure Spiritual, Heritage Lux and Multi-Local:

  • Maximum Glam

  • It reflects tach-savvy and abstract self-expression. Textiles indicate a “more is more” attitude through a mix of glam, fake fur, pile and fringe, jacquard weaves and fancy prints. With the indication of a revolt against homogenization, the theme caught a lot of attentions. 

  • Urban Active

  • Functional and adaptable solutions inspire the Urban Active theme. It features shapes with simple applications of color, 3D visuals, VR and monochromatic materials with high priority of functionality.


  • Pure Spiritual

  • Existing between realism and mysticism, the Pure Spiritual shows the pursuit of a personal heaven. To address a renewed bond with nature, organic raw materials and pure textiles are selected.


  • Heritage Lux

  • Reflecting on the past to inform our future lay at the heart of the Heritage Lux trend. Surface improvement through decorative patterning, embellishment and decoration is combined with blood red palettes and sapphire to create a new style of immersive experience.


  • Multi-Local

  • This theme focuses on the combination of various cultural influences for harmonious visual results, but also with a private identity. Decorative tribal and ancient patterns featuring geometric and abstract shapes underpin the theme.


  • In the meantime, we at Haining Xinshixin Textile Co., Ltd. attended this trade show with more than 100 of our new fabric designs. With our booth located at 6.0A 38, we spoke with many visitors from countries all over the world, such as the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA, Russia, Turkey and many others. Based on our calculation, by the end of the show, we had more than 100 potential customers, 50 inquiries and 10 trial orders in total which was a great start for the new year.

  • A good start is half the battle. Let’s keep our passion and fight going to 2020!

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