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Don't Forget Why We Start and Move Forward

Don't Forget Why We Start and Move Forward

2019 was an extraordinary and memorable year.
Haining Xinshixin Textile Co., Ltd. faced some less than ideal circumstances such as fierce market competition and rising material costs throughout the year. However, through our efforts and determination, we finally got through it together.
During the year-end party
Every XSX family member wore a special red scarf and immersed in the festive atmosphere. To start, Qingfei Zhang, the general manager of XSX, presented the annual summary report in front of more than 100 employees. During the presentation, he spoke about the U.S. trade war and advised making preparations for the normalization of trade relations as well as about how making full use of e-commerce will be a necessity in the future. He stressed the need to keep learning and absorbing knowledge whenever we can to improve ourselves.
In the past year

XSX has optimized production capacities, improved the dining environment, strengthened the workforce, and made breakthroughs in all aspects of XSX’s operation, which was precisely under the joint efforts of all staffs. Looking to the future, we are full of pride even though there is a lot of work still ahead of us. We will continue to maintain a healthy, stable and rapid development, further enhance professional development opportunities for employees, strive to create a comfortable working environment for everyone, and take efforts to find a sales strategy to achieve double sales performance.

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