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Our Expertise

We're all good at something. At XSX, we not only have an unrivalled depth of manufacturing competencies for woven fabrics, but also excel in home-textile design. We love what we do, creating immersive interior experiences through textiles and providing clients with outstanding quality service.

Pre-Production Process

Custom Upholstery and Drapery Fabric Service


Production Process     >

Fabric production is a technical undertaking, involving considerations such as fiber content, yarn quality, weaving, finishing etc. It must go through numerous mechanical and chemical processes to prepare for each manufacturing step.

1. Winding  

Our production process starts from winding, which is the bridge connecting spinning and weaving process. It helps to transfer yarn from spinning bobbin package to a convenient larger yarn package containing considerable long length of yarn.

2. Warping

It is defined as the parallel winding of yarn from cone or cheese package on to a warp beam, which will be used in the weaving process.

3. Weaving

This process is to interlace different threads so as to form certain fabric. We initially had more than 40 fast-speed dobby machines equipped with looms for plain fabrics. However, with the introduction of more than 40 sets of newest SMIT and ITEMA R9500 Rapier Looms with Staubli Jacquard Machines (Weaving speed can be up to four times that of ordinary looms), our technical jacquarding capability complements our weaving expertise perfectly.

4.Inspection & Quality Control

Quality control of fabric needs considerable hands-on expertise with the high attention to detail. Our QC staffs utilize the industry standard 4-point grading method, along with clients’ specific requirements and potential concerns, to create a comprehensive inspection checklist. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service and top-of-the-line fabrics.


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